Janice Green's Process

Janice Green incising a pot I begin by using the wheel to throw the body of a work. Additional parts and decorations are created separately then attached. When the clay becomes leather-hard, I use fine tools to carve into the work. The delicate lines cause pooling of the glazes, resulting in accents. Last for added dimension, I attach leaves and other life forms.

Prior to firing, the work is dried for a week. When ready, the piece is fired to 1944F for twelve hours. An additional twelve hours of cooling occurs before the kiln lid is propped open for the final cooling. The piece is then treated with a food-safe glaze and fired once more. In this final firing, the kiln is slowly heated to 2195F for twelve hours. It then begins the slow cool-down for another fifteen hours. The following day, each piece is removed and examined for flaws. The best are exhibited and sold.

Close-up of Janice Green incising a dragonfly pot Detailed look at Janice Green incising